Welcome to Bob Lindgren Income Tax Services

The purpose of this web site is to allow taxpayers to print off worksheets that will be used in the preparation of their income taxes. In addition, a map and directions can be printed off showing the location of Bob Lindgren's tax office on the left of this page. I am 1/2 mile east of 35W on 98th street in Bloomington near Pierce Skate and Ski and 2 blocks west of Bloomington Kennedy High School

Off to the left, you can view and print forms that will aid in the preparation of your income taxes.  Most people can use the general tax aid forms.

An email can be sent to me, Bob Lindgren, from this web site but it is better to call and make a tax appointment.  When calling, please indicate how soon you can come in for a tax appointment and when is the best time and day.  We are open days, nights, and weekends during the tax season.

Homeowners should bring in their property tax statement that was mailed to your last march from the county that your live in.  Renters should bring in the CRP forms that your landlord is required to give you by January 31st.

I am required to inform you that: Although banks and credit card companies may sell your information to others, that is not my policy ... (although I may give your telephone number out to your friend).  Please note that your information is confidential.  Do  not have third parties call me about your tax information unless you talk to me first.  If you need extra copies of tax returns they can be provided to you.

As usual, I expect the the tax season to be extremely hectic and busy.  Call ahead with your questions.  As many of you know, I receive a number of telephone calls while I prepare your income taxes.  Sometimes it can be irritating, but is it the most effective way to serve you best.